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  • Support for Foreign Businesses in Japan:
  • HR Advisory Services has an expressed interest in supporting foreign businesses in Japan,
  • and provides specific services for this purpose,
  • such as liaising in English between Japan local offices and overseas headquarters
  • on issues related to HR planning amid development phases of business,
  • emergent HR demands, and long-term strategic HR management and guidance.

According to the latest report by the Tokyo Labor Bureau, 54% of all violations of Labor Standards Laws in 2010 were related to work hours and overtime.  The source of these violations involves a lack of understanding regarding the latest laws and best practices, and such misunderstandings tend to cause serious but unnecessary conflicts between employees and management.  HR Advisory Services assists clients by providing guidance that is both timely and clear.

Are your company's Work Rules up-to-date and effective in terms of compliance, and easy for employees to understand in both Japanese and English?  Japanese employment laws change frequently to suite the rapidly changing labor environment, and HR Advisory Services creates, revises, and updates Work Rules, and files Work Rules with governing authorities on behalf of our clients.

Our team of Certified Social Insurance and Labor Specialists provides payroll and tax calculations, budget simulations, social insurance registration, employment status filings, and annual labor and social insurance reports for clients, and can explain these processes clearly in English.

Foreigners who have lived in Japan for a minimum of 6 months may be entitled to a refund for payments made to the Japanese Pension Fund.  HR Advisory Services shall be pleased to research your entitlement status upon request via our secure online Application Form.  In the event that HR Advisory Services finds that you are eligible for a refund, we can apply on your behalf through a Power of Attorney for a nominal fee.

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